Relations between Journalism and Politics

The vast majority of the participants in the survey believe that in Greece there is an excessive dependence of both journalists (91%) and the media (96.5%) on governments and political parties. It is characteristic that, especially with regard to the media, only 2.5% do not “see” such dependence.

By implication, 97% of journalists state the expected, that the interdependence between media and politics reduces public trust in journalists. Just 2% disagree with this view, while 1% choose not to answer.

Regarding the involvement of journalists in politics, 45.5% say that it is not appropriate, while 34.5% state the opposite. “I am not concerned”, say 14%. However, when participants are asked about the return of journalists to the profession after their involvement in active politics, the majority (70.5%) answer that it is a problem, while the percentage of those who do not consider it to be a problem “drops” to 17%. 9.5% of the sample still answer “I am not concerned”.