Characteristics of the Sample

Demographic characteristics

62% of the participants in the survey are men and 36% are women. “Not listed/Prefer not to answer” respond 2%. The majority of them (58%) are people aged 35 to 54, followed by those aged 55 and over. They are mainly university graduates (74% in total), with 29.5% stating that they hold a postgraduate or doctoral degree. For 24% of the sample, secondary education is the highest level of study.

Regarding the financial capacity of the sample, 49% say that in the household they live in “we get by, but we do not have much to spare” and 31% that “we get by with great difficulty”. The monthly net income of participants from journalism ranges from 801 to 1,200 euros for 29% and from 1,201 to 2,000 euros for 23%. For 28% of the sample, the monthly net income from their profession does not exceed 800 euros.

However, 29% of survey participants say that their job as a journalist is not their only source of income.

Professional features

The journalists surveyed work mainly on websites (30.5%), in newspapers (17.5%), on television (11%), and on radio (7.5%). 6.5% of the sample are unemployed, while another 6.5% say they have changed their profession and are no longer working in the sector.

Of those active in journalism, 24% are reporters, 17% work in a newsroom, 14.5% are columnists, while 23% hold a position as editor-in-chief or editorial director.

61.5% of the media outlets where the survey participants work are based in Attica, 7.5% in Thessaloniki, and 18.5% in the rest of the country.