Coverage of Current Affairs

A total of 62% of the public respond that the media are not covering the war in Ukraine adequately: in particular, 31% say they are doing so “definitely inadequately” and another percentage say “rather inadequately”. The war in Ukraine in covered by the media “probably in a complete way” and “definitely in a complete way” for 21.5% and 11% respectively.

A total of 57% of the sample believes that the media are covering the energy crisis inadequately, with 30.5% stating “rather inadequately” and 26.5% saying “definitely inadequately”. “Probably in a complete way” answer 25%, “definitely in a complete way” say 14%.

A total of 55% “see” inadequacy in the media coverage of inflation and price increases, while 41% of the public believe that the issue is covered in a complete way –“probably in a complete way” say 26%, “definitely in a complete way” say 15%.

For the majority of the sample (62.5%), media coverage of the wiretapping case in Greece is inadequate –with 34% saying “definitely inadequately” and 28.5% saying “rather inadequately”. A total of 26.5% say that the story is covered in a complete way, while 11% respond “don’t know/no answer” –an increased percentage compared to other current affairs issues.