Characteristics of the Sample

Demographic characteristics

60.5% of the sample consists of women and 39.5% of men. The majority of respondents (50.5%) are people aged 55 and over, followed by those aged 35-54. They are mainly university graduates (56.5% in total), with 17% stating that they hold a postgraduate or doctoral degree. For 37% of the sample, secondary education is the highest level of study.

33.5% of the respondents live in Attica, 27% in North Greece, 26% in Central Greece and 10% in the Aegean and Crete. Seven in ten respondents live in an urban area, while 21% live in a rural area.

Regarding the financial capacity of the sample, 41% say that in the household they live in “we get by, but we do not have much to spare” and 36.5% that “we get by with great difficulty”. The monthly net income of participants ranges from 501 to 1,000 euros for 28.5% and from 1,001 to 1,500 euros for 24%. For 20% of the sample, the monthly net personal income does not exceed 500€.

Political self-positioning

Asked to declare where they position themselves politically, on the Left-Right political spectrum, 22% responded “in the Center”. 13.5% identify themselves with the Center-Left and another 13.5% identify themselves with the Left. 11% identify themselves with the Right and 10% with the Center-Right. Almost one in five (19%) spontaneously respond that they are not represented by this spectrum.